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After the free trial, how do I check my files?
After the free trial, how do I check my files?

What to do after trial to start checking.

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Folders and creating your first check

The first action to take after creating your account is to visit the dashboard home page and create a new folder. A folder is merely a way for you to organize the assignments you wish to check. This step is self explanatory, just click on New Folder on the top right of your page. You will be prompted to name the folder(minimum of 3 characters).


Create a check 

Once you see the folder created, you are now ready to create your check.  You can do this by filling out the area emphasized below. 

Setup your check in 4 easy steps!

  1. Select the folder that you want to create a new check in. 

  2. Name your check

  3. Choose your programming language.

  4. Select the check type.


Selecting a Source Language

Before checking you are required to select a source language. This is the programming language which you intend to check. When selecting a certain language the checker will parse only the files for that selected language, for instance, if you select Java as your language, only .java files will be parsed for similarity checking.

Do I have to worry about base code?

You do not have to worry about providing base source code, as scores will be returned in both raw and normalized manner.


Selecting the Checker type 

There are two main types of check types: Web and Group similarity, which will perform a deep web check, checking millions of public code repositories such as GitHub/Google Code, sites like Stackoverflow/Chegg and billions of lines of code available across the visible web. If more than two submissions are uploaded then the system will check for peer to peer similarity as well. 


The second type of check is the: Group Similarity Only, which will tell the system to only check the similarity of two or more code files. This option is only works with two or more submissions, if you have only one check you will select the first option by default. 


Uploading submissions

When you have completed your check, the system will automatically navigate you to the upload screen. This step is the most important, as if it is done incorrectly, your checks will return errors. Once here, you will have a button highlighted below to upload your file. 

Before uploading, some important information about your files

Please note that for each submission, you must provide a .ZIP file containing all the source code for that submission. This means if you have 10 submissions you wish to check, you will need to upload 10 individual .ZIP files containing the source files for those submissions. Providing a .ZIP file containing more than one submission will NOT work, it will be counted as one submission! Also ensure that your submissions contain at least one file for the parseable language, for instance, if selected Java each submission must have at least one .java file contained inside the .ZIP file.

It's time to start checking submissions for plagiarism

Once you have ensured you have followed the instructions and are ready to check your assignment. You may click the green "Start checking files" button located above the upload file tab.  

That will start the checking, and bring up the results page. 

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