How to start checking?

This article explains how to check your code files for plagiarism.

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Once you have activated your trial or subscription, you will be navigated to the dashboard. Here you will see a list of your folders, first if you haven't already, you will need to create a folder.
Once you see the folder created, you are now ready to create your check.  You can do this by filling out the area emphasized below. 

Setup your check in 4 easy steps!

  1. Select the folder that you want to create a new check in. 

  2. Name your check

  3. Choose your programming language.

  4. Select the check type.

Next, you will need to upload the files you wish to check. You may head to the upload tab of the check, and upload individual zip files by dropping them into the zone. We recommend uploading less than 100 zip files. 

Note that you may also check one zip file, this will only perform a web check on the files. If you wish to compare multiple files to each other in addition, you can upload multiple zip files. This is a case that is useful if you have multiple students or similar codes you wish to compare as a group. 

Once uploaded, you will click the green "Start checking" button inside the upload page. This will cause the checks to be queued, and initialized. 

You will see realtime checking progress displayed, normally checking takes up to 10 minutes, but usually completes within 1 minute. 

Once complete, you will now be able to see the results of the plagiarism check by navigating the tabs of the check. 

If you have additional questions, please feel free to submit a ticket request. 

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